Growth Marketing Services
Growth marketing, an agile and methodological way of thinking marketing, a mix of marketing and engineering activities to find most effective working ways and acheive the goals. A process to systematically run experiments and discover efficient ways to grow a business.
  • Assess, identify and setup the business growth process.
  • Setup goals & OKRs, no process is good without proper OKRs
  • Systemetic experiments & growth hypothesis.
  • You know what works and what doesn’t, faster with less cost
  • You realise the growth in the key goals and business objectives in time-bound manner
  • You discover additinal channels & revenue stream as outcome of experiments
Process-driven Growth
Growth is a systematic process, executed with rhythm and speed. Growth mind-set is crucial skill set & attitude to setup this process.  The process includes below steps:
  • Understanding the problem
  • Building the growth hypothesis
  • Setup of SMART goals & key results
  • Priortization of experiments
  • Analysis & optimization
Data-driven Growth
Data analysis is important to understand the true behavior. We focus on capturing the data and processing them to get the insight and real story. 
  • Insights identify new opportunities
  • Data answers “your why” and set direction
  • Helps to compare and see the trends
  • Finds cost leakages
  • Helps to figure out the scaleable process
Comes from Tests
Growth hacking is a unique process of being data driven, agile and experimenting. We test methods to attract more, nurture fast and convert faster.
  • Test channels
  • Test content mix
  • Test paid and organic hacks
  • Test emails & offers
  • Test landing pages and buyer personas
Acquisition & Leads Growth

The acquisition is a key growth activity. Growth mindset and insight-driven demand and lead generations are part of Growack’s growth service offering.

As we know, acquisition is a costly affair, building a robust and cost-effective plan with correct tech stack is what we do to help you score better in this part to scale and grow.

B2B Product Growth

Growack works on product growth roadmaps and it’s execution with technology-based businesses, SaaS or PaaS.

We apply a mix of experimental growth and Inbound methods at each stage of the AARRR funnel to achieve growth. We cover top of the funnel, awareness and lead acquisition-related work items for product-based businesses.

B2B Marketplace Growth

We’ve been working to design growth roadmaps and execution tactics for B2b Marketplaces. Our approach applies a mix of experimental double-sided (buyers & sellers) growth and Inbound methods at each stage of the funnel.

We cover the full-funnel marketing activities for marketplaces and bring our experience of marketplace growth to your business.

B2B E-commerce Growth

Growth strategies for B2b eCommerce stores are key activities of our services. It includes automation to customer life-cycle management, personalized buying experince, and recommendations. 

Our approach applies a mix of data-driven and tech-based (AI & Machine learning) tactics to increase the performance of your B2b eCommerce store.

Discuss to Discover Your Growth Process

Have you tested something new recently to grow your business?

Does the idea of growth appeal to you and your team?

Are you looking forward to diving into mix of inbound and growth experiments for growth of your business?