Paid Campaigns

B2B Paid Channel Solution

When it comes to growth – demand & lead gen, digital campaigns are inevitable.  To boost the qualified traffic and qualified leads, we design and manage campaigns across the channel.
  • Strategy and ready-search for the ICP-fit-Paid channels
  • Paid campaign roadmaps and optimisation action plan per channel, geo-locations and audience segments
  • Execution of growth experiments and data-driven approach for ROI
  • Conversion measurement and reporting
  • An experienced team to work on tactics to achieve timely goals
  • Regular launch & support for growth experiments
  • Funnel stage offer launch and multiple conversion paths
  • Attribution and reporting on budget and ROI
  • Paid channel attribution in CRM for sales synchronisation & enablement
digital campaigns services
Inbound Growth Strategy Phases
Channel Strategy
Paid Acquisition Strategy

We work on identifying the right channels and acquisition campaign formats suitable for ICPs.

Once ensured the focus channels and best fit campaigns, we go for executions and experiments.


+ Consulting and strategy for effective acquisition campaigns

+ Lead magnets and landing pages optimizations

+ Custom audiences, In-marketing and Look-alike account buildup and targeting

+ LinkedIn lead gen campaigns

+Google B2B lead gen campaigns

Paid Search Campaign

Search campaigns are a crucial part of the acquisition plan. We work help with SEA campaign strategy, including the market research, campaign development and management.


+ B2B paid search campaign strategy & market research

+ PPC Keyword expansion and intent mapping

+ Target audience buildup and quality check

+ Google and Bing campaign setup, launch and management

+ PPC lead qualification and nurture flow in CRM

SEA- Paid Search
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Paid Social Campaigns

Paid social campaign solution for brand awareness to lead generation. We help with campaign design for top of the funnel reach and mid & bottom funnel conversions over multiple social channels.


+ LinkedIn brand awareness and MoFu offer campaigns designs

+ Meta/Facebook campaign strategy, planning and lead gen tests

+ Thought leadership and brand awareness campaign plans

+ Measurement and ROI attributions

Growth Experiments
Paid Campaigns & Automations

Digital Campaign design and optimization are the backbones to increase the reach in target markets and drive qualified traffic to the website.


+ Acquisition campaigns over key channels; Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

+ Design hypothesis and perform tests (A/B & Multivariate) to improve ROAS and CAC

+ Build custom audiences for retargeting and up-selling

PPC Optimisation
Let's Scale it up
Our Approach to B2B Acquisition Campaign

The paid digital campaigns are crucial element for acquisition and is an important aspect of growth for your business and we use digital mix tactics, growth methods and inbound strategies to attract, nurture and convert.

Our Process:

  • Assessment Phase: To understand the ground situation
  • Connect Phase: To establish the resources and action items needed
  • Execute Phase: To execute the identified action items