Sales Ops
B2B Sales Enablement
The inbound marketing method is a process of making solutions available to the ones,  who genuinly need it to solve problems and build opportunities that have a positive impact on life and business.
  • Inbound sales strategies and action plans
  • Buyer personas and ICPs
  • Sales sequences and action plans
  • ROI measurement and marketing effectiveness
  • Qualified lead acquisition at scale
  • Sustainable & long-term inbound sales funnel strategies
  • Inbound sales enablement and pipeline growth
  • Performance reporting and optimizations
B2B Sales Ops and Inbound Growth
Our Approach
B2B Sales Enablement Strategy
Sales Playbook
Sales Ops Strategy

Looking for an ambitious and steady sales growth process for your business?

We set up, onboard, and accelerate the usage of inbound sales systems. and help you to launch and optimize B2B demand generations & qualified lead generation campaigns.


  • + Inbound sales enablements strategy and execution plan
  • + CRM and sales tech system setups
  • + Lead quality and frameworks
  • + Inbound and outbound lead funnel
  • + Lead acquisition and retargeting cadence
Inbound Sales and CRM
Strategy & Growth
Paid Media Strategy
Account-based Advertising

Account-based advertising setup is crucial for targeting the key decision-makers and influencers from top accounts with nurturing and progressive value offerings as per the buying context and stages.


  • + Consulting and strategy on audience building
  • + Targeting ads campaign setup and optimization
  • + Decision makers and other buying role assignment
  • + Per buying role marketing campaign cadence
  • + ROAS and reporting
Key Target Accounts

Account-based marketing is a key activity to realize cost-effective growth in top-line revenue. Under the ABM services offering, we work with top accounts at your business to engage empathetically and add upgrade them in value-chain.


  • + Consulting & key account targeting strategy
  • + Building audiences across the channels
  • + MoFu and BoFu offer creation
  • + Engagements and re-targeting list prep
Account Based Marketing
Marketing Automation - Growack
Full Cycle Integration and Automation

Bring your marketing activities within a consistent and logical automation process. Learn on the engagement behavior at every buying stage of the prospects and customers. A


  • + Consolidated marketing automation consulting services
  • + Setup and on-boarding of automation tools (HubSpot)
  •  + Measure attribution and effectiveness.
Sales Life-cycle Optimisation

Sales enablement is an important activity to drive top-line qualified leads and revenue in connection with marketing efforts. Convert more MQLs to SQLs faster by building rapport with prospects.


  • + Setup & integration of sales tech stack & CRMs
  • + Education and consulting with the sales team
  • + Automate and optimize the marketing & sales alignment
CRM & Sales Enablement - Growack
Our Approach to Marketing Automation

Our marketing process has a 3 way approach to assess your marketing automation requeirements and current situation.

  • Assessment Phase: To understand the ground situation
  • Connect Phase: To establish the resources and action items needed
  • Execute Phase: To execute the identified action items