Inbound Marketing Services
Inbound demand and lead generation services ensure that your business is correctly using the key inbound strategies and elements at every stage of the growth funnel with effectiveness.
  • The System setup for lead magnets and funnels
  • Clean database with best-fit sequences & workflows
  • Content mapping with the buyer journey and search optimizations
  • Full control and overview of pipeline and customer lifecycle
  • RevOps and effective attribution of campaigns
  • Increased CLV and market share
Lead Generation Growth
Inbound Growth Strategy

We use the value points to design the inbound lead and demand gen strategies.

  • Research over offers and buyer journey
  • Lead magnet design and development.
  • Compelling offers design for every stage of buying journey, with landing pages, and sequence & automation
Marketing Automations

Put a scaleable system at work and do the heavy lifting. We set up systems and marketing infrastructure and use it to design meaningful automation and growth leavers.

  • Setup and enrich the marketing systems ( ex: CRM, Digital Foundations, Productivity Apps)
  • Lead life-cycle management, nurturing, educations, and lead scoring
  • Activation and retention qualification and campaigns
Marketing Automation Services
Technology Partner
CRM & Marketing-Ops Tech Stack

We help to set up, onboard, and optimize the usage of CRM systems to grow your business by leveraging the CRM and Marketing Automation Platform(MAPs).

We work with HubSpot CRM as a preferred DMP and growth stack to deliver integrated growth.

Use #Flywheel growth setup for your revenue and customer-facing teams to align and deliver great success and Pipeline velocity.

Growack - HubSpot Solution Partner
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Our Approach to Inbound Marketing

Have you tested an integrated flywheel growth methodology?

Does the idea of pipeline velocity and growth automation appeal to you?

We design the Inbound and growth marketing, as a mixed approach to test established methods of inbound marketing and growth experimental paths, to come up with effective growth roadmaps.

Let’s connect to discuss and learn more about the inbound growth process for your B2B business

Our Integrated Inbound Growth Process:

  • Assessment Phase: To understand the ground situation
  • Connect Phase: To establish the resources and action items needed
  • Execute Phase: To execute the identified action items