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Uncapped and Growack - To Fund Your Business
Uncapped+ Growack have partnered to fund your business


Get fast access to capital from 10K – €5M to finance your marketing, operations, or growth. A founder-friendly growth capital without interest, equity, or personal guarantees, and most decisions are made within 3 days. No pitching or business plans required.

We understand your growth challenges and need for fuel.


Uncapped Funding Benefits: 


  •   + Cheaper – much cheaper source of funding than equity/venture debt
  •   + Unsecured – our funding doesn’t require security or personal guarantees
  •   + Flexible – if revenues slow down, so do our repayments (no late payment fees)
  •   + Fixed fee – we charge a simple fixed fee with no other deal costs or other hidden charges to worry about
  •   + Legals – our short legal agreement is in plain English meaning you don’t need a lawyer – save on legal fees!
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Eligibility Criteria

You are eligible for funding if your business meets these criteria:


  • + Min monthly revenue of €10k+ (selling at least €10,000/month)
  • + Active sales and revenue generation for min 6 months
  • + An online business model ( SaaS, eCommerce, D2C, Mobile Apps)
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Funding Solution
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You shouldn’t have to give up ownership or risk your home to fund growth.

Use easy & fast investments to:

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Fuel your marketing and advertising spend 

Expand your team much faster 

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