Product Growth Services
We work with product owners and marketers to design the product growth wheel. The roadmaps includes strategic action points on AAARR structure, implementation plans and data-driven experiment processes.
  • AAARR funnel marketing and growth strategies
  • Growth experiments and Inbound marketing methods for every stage of the funnel
  • Conversion optimizations, OKRs and digitals campaigns management and measurements
  • Consider the Growack team as an extened product marketing and growth team with experience and understanding of the growth dynamics
  • We offer continuous support in executions of funnel marketing with content, inbound and product-specific marketing campaigns
  • Scaleable makreting automation and tech-capabilities for continous growth
Acquisition & Activation

The acquisition is an important aspect for product growth. Under the acquisition plan, we work on Buyer persona, growth experiments, inbound processes.  This also includes designing of landing pages, offers with product values and CTAs for each stage of the user journey.

We work to build the growth stack for early adopters, trial users and active users to lead them up in the product life-cycle towards optimized ussage and conversion.

Conversion Roadmaps

Setup of conversion goals and building the optimizations tracks using the experiments and data is crucial part of product growth startegy.

We work on the design and optimization of conversion paths at each stage of the funnel.

Growth Experiments

Experiments and growth hypothesis are key activities to keep the product growth curve steep and find better paths, insights and discover scaleable methods.

It’s important to keep evolving and validating the product and customer fits. Growack works on growth and inbound mix proceses to help in building such experimental processes.

Digital Campaigns

Digital campaign support includes setups, launch, management and optimizations of paid campaigns over social media, search engines and native advertisements of any nature.

It’s important to keep testing the scaleable channels of growth over different channels and we help you to run and mainatin such processes.

Our approach to Product Growth

Our approach to grow your tech or internet based products is driven by solid inbound stack along with growth hacking experiments.

We work on helping the product teams to build and maintain progressive growth roadmaps and keep the execution items on scaleable paths.